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CIA vs. Trump: power struggle over direction of US foreign policy

"time to put the CIA mistakes about Saddam's WMDs aside..." only that it was active fabrication of evidence and not just 'wrong guessing' as usual and that a million of Iraqi civilians have died since then. Mind boggling 'view point' on Trump opposing to get a CIA brain wash & bacon for breakfast every morning.

Underneath the talks about Americas security and intelligent personel quiting jobs over their frustration with Trumps attitude towards their sacrifices for the country n blabla, there's some structural facts that are fairly important when trying to understand what's really going on. Mr. Lowenthal (consistant with the mainstream narrative) is intentionally leading the discussion away from the real issue at hand. He's misleading the public about the fact that the CIA is an agency of the executive branch of the government. Those two entities are very well seperate, but not independendant entities as he suggests. There's a very clear and long record that shows that the CIA overwhelmingly does what the executive branch tells it to which is to act in ways to provide plausible deniability so in case something goes wrong the executive branch can blame it on that rogue outfit and say it wasn't their fault. So when you talk about the CIA, you should think of that as a methapor. It's a way of describing what the executive branch of the government and their corporate backers are doing while they have that agency that is carrying out the ugly stuff for them. Now, when you look at the stand off between the 'Intelligence Community' and Donald Trump, what we're dealing with here really is a power struggle over the future foreign policy of the US with the neoconservative pro-war establishment fearing for their agenda primarily along with the intelligence personel fearing for their jobs secondarily on one side - and a president refusing to continue the neoconservative agenda of war, war for oil, weapons for war and fabrication of evidence in order to go to war on the other.

Looking at it from this angle, a restructuring and/or realignment of the CIA would be desirable and Trumps declaration of blockade towards an intelligence service that is aggressively guessing for evidence (to say the least) might be not such a bad thing after all. It might lead to a realignment of the CIA that, for the last 2 centuries, has been streamlined to fabricate the missing evidence in order to go to war and drop bombs on countries in the Middle East. Maybe its job description under Trump will be to provide more intelligent intelligence.

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