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Welcome to the space where we lay out our civil movement support strategy and communicate our philosophy and how we think our planet might becomes a better place for you and us to live on. We want you to know that if you're a customer of TUVOISOUPAS we will have a part of our revenues (from the stuff you're buying from us) donated to non-violent protests & actions dedicated to the fight for civil rights, environmental issues and peace movements. If history has learned us anything it's that good change comes from civil disobedience and not from establishment politics. TUVOISOUPAS supports non-violent activism. We stand for peace,


Why don't we tell you about this?


Our power does not lay in financial resources. Our contribution to civil movements might seem insignificant. However, we believe that no matter how small the player may seem, he or she will have an impact on our environment by putting his name as a company  and your name  as a customer behind a cause.

We believe in the power of the consumer and are aware that with this power comes responsibility to become informed about the companies behind the products & brands you are buying. The purpose of this space is to communicate who we are in order to help you make an informed consumer decision and feel comfortable buying our stuff. It is in the nature of things that we will not reflect everybody's opinion... and we're comfortable with that.


There's a common perception that as a commercial company you should not engage in politics. We do not agree. In fact, we think companies should do less political agenda pushing behind closed doors and more transparency work on their political positions and take more responsibility for social and environmental issues in the regions they operate in. Many of the corporations you re buying from invest our money in ways which are harmful towards a healthy society and destructive towards the environment. We need to stop feeding the beast. At TUVOISOUPAS we choose to tell you what we're up to because we want you to have a choice and transparency on what you're getting in return for your money - beyond just the obvious in your shopping cart.

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