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You kidos go out kill some animals and be back for dinner, hear?!

Unbelievable! now here's a Trump move you should really be worried about. As a side note I add, that you should have been worried about Obama's policy to NOT send ANY banker to jail after 2008, to look the other way when police was cracking the heads of Occupy-Wallstreet protesters, his policy to give 75 Billions to the banks in quantitative easing each month, to not regulate the banks more than they would have regulated themselves which they did with Dodd-Frank. But let's not blame pretty Obama and head right to the unpolished new one. So too-big-to-fail banks are being unleashed onto the capital markets again. Dodd-Frank was a very Obamian measure that made it look as if there was regulation - without actually regulating the banks or holding them accountable nearly as much as they should have been ... at least from a social angle that would have seemed fair and reasonable to society as a whole. What Obama did was socialism for Wallstreet while mainstreet got honest capitalism right up their arse. In a very Trumpian way now, that pro-forma regulation will be lifted in order for the American banks to become more aggressive on the international playing field hence gaining a competitive edge over their international rivals. The game plan in banking from the view point of a national economy is simple really. Send out your banks as capitalist predators to other countries to suck out the money and bring it back to your country. You want them to act freely and aggressively because you will not have to clean up the mess that is left behind. Once the system has propelled out of proportion it will probably crash, but that's far out in the future and the prey for the 1percenters will be big enough to make up for the millions of people like you and me loosing their jobs, houses and savings. The banks will be bailed out because banks are as vital to our lifes as oxygen, and they will now even more raise above the banks of the countries that have imposed regulations because they were not able to serve their masters as well as their American counterparts and because governments will be busy covering social costs caused by capitalist predatorism on their territory. So be prepared to see American banks bundle all kinds of worthless assets to securities again and prepare to buy that shit : ) coz you will have no choice but to do so. The holders of these junk bonds, subprime securities or whatever they're gonna be called are not going to be Goldman Sachs & Co. - it's gonna be you! Either through your local bank that bought them or through your pension fund or (if you're smart and only invested in gold) through your tax payer money that will bail out one or two banks. S big junks of your privat wealth is going to be handed over to the banks, once again. This bailout money is used during the years prior to the crisis to pay the million dollar bonuses of high value bank emplyees and to leverage the banking business to the point of collapse. It's a quasi forward contract the banks are signing with their governments in which the fallout is being paid by ... guess who... you : ) My guess is that under Trump we will meet the next financial crisis much faster than we whould have under Hillary Clinton. But then again I'd rather sit on a pile of gold during a financial crisis than during a nuclear war in Europe. And maybe a Europe which is falling apart and is led by anti-establishment politicians doing economical 'stupid' things manages to get rid of the US Dollar. For now it's Goldman rising in market value. 40% since Trumps election and an additional 5% today alone. That's an equivalent to a little less than a 5 billion dollars gain in market value and power. In ONE DAY! You should join the party and buy some of Goldman. If you're from one of the 7 Muslim countries still you ll be granted a visa to that destination : ). The capitalist system welcomes everybody to be a part. Discrimination? Yes of course. But not the ugly visible one on the basis of religion. The earlier you join the better your chances to not get TOTALLY fucked in the end. It's a bit like a two party system. You will get fucked by either of the candidates but one of them will use lubricant... or let s say he'll consider using lub depending on the mood he's in. If there was a publicly listed stock of peace, environmental stability and social soundness, that one would have been a shit investment over the previous 20 years!

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