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Selective Outrage

What a piece of deliberate anti-Trump bullshit to steer neoliberal outrage over traveling restrictions for nationals of 7 Muslim countries. There goes the credibility of another news outlet. The NY Daily News bluntly lying.

It's the countries selected by Obama when he signed the TERRORIST TRAVEL PREVENTION ACT OF 2015* stating exactly those countries as countries of concern. It has little to do with Trumps businesses and a lot with increasing discriminating policies that have been invented by Obama. With good reason btw... why would you invite the people you have been bombing for years to your bbq?! Kind of an obvious security risk, isn't it?! So we're just wondering why, instead of lying about the pick of the discriminated nationals, there hasn't been the tiniest bit of outrage over the Obama Muslim ban that took place before the Trump Muslim ban and why America seems to be totally ok with targeting those countries with bombs but not with traveling restrictions?!

*to check up the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act go to the website of the Department of Homeland Security:

This selective unselective outrage is becoming such a fatigue : ( The news is even making up stuff just to fire up people against their new president. There's enough to be outraged about and Americans should protest. We just don't want to see the Democrats blocking and criticising EVERYTHING Trump does just because...and the way the Republicans did under Obama. Instead we think they should do an autopsy. There's a dead body with the name DNC on it and the sooner they find the reasons of death the earlier they can reform the party to get the house and congress back in 2 years after the Republicans have fucked up. Since the elections we've seen nothing of that. Au contraire, the same corporate Democrats that have fucked up the election for the Democrats are still in power and everybody seems to buy into their distraction strategy resulting in no analysis of what has happened. So instead of protesting against war, against an economic system that provides socialism for banks & the rich and capitalism for the working class, and against a political system driven by corporate interests, Americans seem to get upset over things that are deliberately put out there by the establishment so people won't start questioning the fact that they have been actually doing exactly the same shit as Trump is doing now.

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