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One pair of grim and angry horn-rimmed spectacles and all the blame on Russia. New old conservative 'leftist' agenda or are those sad Democrats really that dumb to still have no earthly idea why Hillary Clinton lost the presidental election?

They put out a candidate that, next to Donald Trump, was among the least popular politicians to ever run for president. That's a fact. H.C. was a terrible candidate to run against D.T. I honestly think that she may have been the only leading Democrat that D.T. could've beaten. Here's why... First, Trump is a rich, unethical liar with major character problems. To beat him, you run the opposite of that. Clinton, true or not, was not seen as the opposite, but the Democratic equivalent. Secondly, the Democratic Party needed to be the party of progressive populism to beat the rise of Trump's phony conservative populism, but they chose candidates and strategies that simply could not do this. They must have not realized that they were running against a populist. And they got out-populisted.

Trump was to the left on Hillary on tade and on banking!!! Whereas Trump tapped into the anger and frustration of his voter base, the Dems failed to do the same on issues that had widespread grassroots support from coast to coast. The Black Lifes Matter Movement was managed into voting for Clinton over Bernie in the Primaries but they never really believed Clinton cared. She all but ignored the Dakota Access Pipeline - in spite of the fact that millions of people were outraged about it. While workers and unions and everyday people had joined the FightFor15 minimum wage battle, Clinton and her team waffled on it on every chance they got. Documents revealed that she supported fracking. One of the closest confidantes of the Clinton family, openly said she would flip on TPP once elected. Instead of being anti-war, she was seen as a hawk. Again, we're not describing a Republican here!!! In other words, while progressives were fighting against police brutality, against DAPL, against TPP, against fracking and for a $15 minimum wage, Clinton was consistently on the wrong side of each of those issues!! The Clinton campaign lost because they ran a bad campaign for the time the Americans are living in. And even with Clinton as the wrong candidate, they could and should've won the election, but they repeatedly ignored and dismissed progressive people and causes that could have tipped it in her favor.

America has witnessed the natural endgame of the Bill Clinton Democratic Party when he decided to change the DP from a party of workers and blue collar people to a party of Silicon Valley and Wallstreet. That's why such a flawed candidate like H.C. was nominated as the presidental candidate. Bill and Hillary Clinton have turned Democrats into Republicans which is why they sound like fucking lunatics now. Instead of leaning into progressive populism the DP has been doing the opposite and still pushing all sorts of stupid explanations for their election loss. The people not showing up to vote, Comey, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and now the Russians. So the DP has gone from a corporate political agenda and a missguided undeniably very bad election strategy to lying and gaslighting and denying the basic truth. This is the same behaviour we've seen of Bush supporters and I doubt that the people backing Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who are screaming about Russia now can be 'safed' or reformed. Those people are determined to keep the Democrats a bunch of corporate sellouts and inevitable loosers. They're just as dumb as the Republicans were. At least the Republicans had the guts to do an autopsy after the Bush era. Of course hey didn't follow it, but at least... Democrats even lack that. They screwed over Bernie, they gave you Trump, they're still turning their backs to the progressives, they're determined to loose again and again and again, because they're clinging to bad ideas, on purpose, coz it's their money train. I guess that's what donor money does. It affects their brains. And now they're worthless. And screaming about Russia. Still. Now calling the newly inaugurated president of the United States an illegitimate president. Do I hear regime change? ...and might this be the Neocons talking? Or is it just the DNC distracting from their deliberate election fuck-up trying to avoid autopsy of their dead body coz they wanna keep on riding the money train?

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