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What kind of political agenda is behind this? We've heard the leftist mainstream media with Bill Maher pushing the narrative of Trump being an illegitimate president. Now the uprise has begun? Are those guys dressed in black hoodies smashing public phones and cars for real!? What are they protesting against? The WALL? Are you kidding me? There's a double layer 5meter fence along the Mexican boarder right now. It's not the fence or wall that's important... but the entrances along the barrier. How that is handled is a matter of immigration policy that that can hardly become any more conservative than under the Obama administration (2.5 millions of deportations, if I m not mistaken - the highest number of all presidents ever).

Please TYT, pls be careful in reporting that this is similar to DAPL. Disgraceful comparison. There were no protesters vandalizing stuff & throwing bricks at the police at DAPL! This harms future nonviolent protests for real causes. Which I guess is why those idiots throw bricks in the first place. Are they working for any of the Sorros foundations eventually on a 30$ hourly temp wage? Maidan happened in the same way... just sayin ; )

TUVOISOUPAS supports non-violent activism

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