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Sarandon vs. Streep

There's Susan Sarandon with a political speech about banks that put our money to work in a really shitty way and she reminds us to do our research on the companies we are buying stuff from in order to avoid buying any stuff from companies that support shitty stuff. We couldn't agree more.

Then there's that very recent speech from Meryl Streep that becomes political at 3.20...

... and she reminds us of that kind of capacity for ethical standards that ends at the point where ones perception surpasses the edge of our comfort zone and illusion faces reality. For Miss Streep that border seems to be reached once the simple semblance of decency is no longer obtained without considering what actually happens. And while her concern goes to upholding free journalism and political correctness as the remains of the Obama era and as paradise lost at the defeat of Hillary Clinton, she beautifully marks herself as a privileged person in total denial of reality claiming the right to force her illusion upon the millions of the unprivileged. So as long as someone charming is raping, killing or torturing people that would be acceptable and as long as the 'free press' keeps portaying a decent image of the purpetrator we don't need to be honestly disturbed but rather dishonestly complicit? Our interpretation might feel like a stretch and in accord of the presumption of innocence we assume that Miss Streep is not aware of what's going on in the world. In the year following the Big Denial (the election of the Trump), however, we feel one should be more sensitive and aware about the issue. We think that was pretty unpretty, Miss Streep.

Maybe it's not fair to compare Sarandon's statement to Streep's statement because it is much more difficult to reach an intelligent conclusion about an issue involving foreign policy than it is to say something appealing about the Dakota Access Pipeline and banks but still... Americans should start researching their foreign policy and I assume this to be more of a challenge living within the US than living abroad but still... ; )

... let's listen to what a guy called An0maly has to say about it and it sounds pretty simple : /

...and also, see how Susan Sarandon was on point about the election on an MSNBC interview back in summer 2016. And of course, the press fired at her for getting it absolutely right just to see Trump being voted president months later because of the mainstream press and the DNC moronly ignoring people like S.S. along with millions of Democrat voters standing their moral ground & not willing to hand corporate sellouts the carte blanche any longer.

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