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'We've totured some folks' and the report needs to be kept from the public and what the

why do you think Obama and the Democrats are having suuuch a hard time handing over power to Donald Trump? why all that last-minute hysteria while the clock is running down?'s because he portrayed himself as what he was supposed to be... the president that made a change - but, au contraire, fucked up the system so badly, meaning he built a quasi unstoppable totalitarian war machine that can factually crush any critics and opponents of whoever controls the machine, and now he has to hand over the drivers seat to someone who will use it's features in a very different way than it was intended. What Obama has put in place was meant for a successor more alike him, and ideally a little more to the right maybe. Hillary would have had the perfect profile for taking in the harvest. Trump as the non-elitist populist that he is means a huge set-back to this agenda. Not necessarily because he's driven by different ideals but because as a opportunistic profit taker he will game the system offered to him without trying to disguise his action. Keep in mind that it's politicians like Obama setting the stage for corporations to come in and exploit while the politicians deliver justification for corporate predatorism with bullshit arguments like trickle-down economics, job creation, the invisible hand in market economics and so on. Now the politician is taken out of the equation, hence there is nobody bullshiting the crowd about what's going on. That's why everybody now starts shouting about Trump's intention to use torture (when the Obama administration has been doing it all along) ... is why everybody is shouting about Trump's Exxon Secretary of State (when foreign policy was always driven by oil and the Petrodollar). This list goes on. What causes hysteria among the Democratic and Republican elites is that their scheme becomes all too obvious now and eventually will bring forward resistance to many of the achievements designed to advance the corporate purge on civil rights and freedoms. And while the parties of Wallstreet and Big Oil are quite comfortably positioned with the president to come, there's that one power branch which has not been reassured by Trump and they are running on high alert... and that's the party of war demanding its share in the coming government right now. So yea, of course, it's the Russians we should all be worried about now ; )

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