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Recommended Retail Price: CHF 139.00 / You're free to set the retail prices that best fit your business.

Sizes: S - M - L - XL / You're free to arrange your personal size set that fits you best.

Fabric composition: outer material: 95% cotton / 5% viscose - brushed / padding material: polyester


Pls see notes on *SLIM CUT* under additional info section!


Blueberry blue on the outside / blue with black pattern on the reverse side. Super soft & comfy jumper-jacket crossover. Slightly padded for cold & chilly weather at temperatures around 1°C - 15°C or wear underneath your jacket for an extra layer of cozy & warmth.

√ reversible garment
√ small side pockets w press buttons
√ quilted elbow and shoulder details
√ wrap-up hood w press buttons

Men's Reversible Wrap.Up Hoodie in Blueberry Blue - Retail CHF 139.00

  • This garment contains an innovative reversible wrap-up technology developped by TVOP to protect you from external adverseness like cold, wind, hits and surveillance. While the outside environment might be hostile - on the inside of your Wrap-Up Hoodie you'll feel cozy and sheltered. The garment was designed in Switzerland and carefully manufactured in India under our strict surveillance. We regularly visit our manufacturing sites and keep close relations to our manufacturing partners in order to guarantee ethical and environmental sustainability.

    fabric: 95% cotton / 5% viscose - brushed
    padding material: polyester

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